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Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Setup Failure on 64-bit Vista Solved

September 12, 2008

When trying to update my Visual Studio 2008 to Service Pack 1 (I’m on Vista x64), the update for the remote debugger (KB945140) was halting with an error.  Checking the first log showed the message: Error 1324.The folder path ‘Program Files’ contains an invalid character.  Moving to the log file of the installer itself, the VS90sp1-KB945140-X64-ENU.msp patch, made a reference to an F:\PFILES folder instead of my normal Program Files folder.  

My F:\ drive is a virtual drive from PowerISO, which is used to mount disk images.  Turning off my virtual drives allowed the installation to proceed successfully.  I’m posting that here to remember for next time ;).  

I saw a post where this issue also was seen with another virtual drive utility, Virtual CloneDrive.  The installer seems to think they’re hard drives and is trying to install to them