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Using the iPhone as a wireless media remote

August 24, 2008

Following the instructions on this Lifehacker page, I connected an Apple AirPort Express in the living room to the stereo to serve as remote speakers for an iTunes server running in the basement.  Using the Remote application on the iPhone, the iPhone can connect to your iTunes server on your network to act as a remote control, giving you access to play your library of songs through your stereo speakers.

Parts List:


Setup of the AirPort Express was a snap — there’s even an option (that I used) when installing to replace your current wireless network with the AirPort Express.  The AirPort Express will read the configuration from your current wireless network and set its settings appropriately.  Worked like a champ the first time.

After connecting Apple’s free Remote app on the iPhone to the iTunes server, you’re able to browse your iTunes library and control playback of your tracks – pretty cool.