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Great post analyzing JPEG export quality

July 18, 2010

Great post analyzing JPEG export quality in Lightroom:


My Lightroom import settings

January 6, 2010

My Lightroom import settings

Here is my setup when importing photos into Lightroom, illustrated in the screenshot below:

Folder structure:
My photos are imported to a separate internal hard drive to a folder of Photos/{Year}/{Event}.  So photos of Halloween in 2009 would be imported to Photos/2009/Halloween.  This structure allows fairly quick identification of photos when browsing the folders or identifying them for back up purposes.  Movies (manually copied until Lightroom supports movie import) go to Movies/{Year}/{Event}.

Storage file format:
The photos are converted to DNG format as they are imported.

File naming convention:
Photos are imported and named using the following template:
{Date (YYYYMMDD)}_{Hour}{Minute}{Second}_{Import # (01)}_{Sequence # (0001)}.dng
The date and time refer to the capture date and time of the photo.  Import # refers to a sequential count of the imports performed today, and sequence # is a counter that increments during the import session for each photo.  So photos end up having names such as 20100106_130532_01_0001.dng, which would indicate the first photo of the first import, captured January 6, 2010 at 1:05:32pm.

Import grouping:
I import similar photos separately, so if I had photos of a wedding, a soccer game, and a portrait session on the same memory card, I would run 3 imports, selecting photos from each of the groups separately.  This allows me to apply the appropriate tags to the photos during import.

I use Lightroom’s built-in import backup functionality to send a copy of the photos to an external drive as they’re imported in case I need to recover a photo prior to its normal backup process.  Photos are copied to another drive across the network as well as sent to the online backup service Mozy.