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Strobist Construction Site Shoot

August 10, 2008

The Equipment Shot: 1/250sec @ f/8, ISO200

This was the first Strobist-style shoot I’ve tried since preparing by getting the few pieces of gear needed and studying the website a well as the Strobist David Hobby’s great tutorial DVD set.

Strobist info:

Strobes used (2):
1) Canon 580EXII on stand as the main front/side light on 1/4-1/2 power.

2) Bare Canon 430EX on stand as a side/rear light on 1/4-1/8 power.

Modifiers: Used a 1/4 CTO and shoot-thru umbrella on the front 580EXII.

Triggers: Elinchrom Skyport trasmitter and receivers.

I exposed for the sky and adjusted aperture and flash strength to dial in the subject exposure.

I should have used more CTO on the flashes (and used them on the rear light as well).

I learned my Canon XSi flash syncs @ 1/250sec, so I can’t shoot faster than that with flash without starting to lose some of the frame.

f/4 @ 250 ISO100

The Claw Shot: 1/250sec @ f/4, ISO100

1/100sec @ f4, ISO100

Cyber in the Window: 1/100sec @ f4, ISO100

Behind the scenes:

Flash configuration for the equipment shot

Flash configuration for the equipment shot

Flash setup for the claw shot

Flash setup for the claw shot

Umbrella proximity

Umbrella proximity