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Cyber’s PetSmart Pickup

March 2, 2009

(Click to watch the video on YouTube)

A rare snow, a timelapse photography session, and a PetSmart grooming date collided and the attached video was created. The video was shot using a Canon PowerShot G9 sitting on the dash attached to a POD Camera Bean Bag tripod. The resulting video was brought into iMovie ’09 and put together with the audio. The G9 was set to timelapse video mode, shooting at 1 second intervals, with the ND filter turned on for the longest exposure possible.

Gear Used:

Timelapse Photography Tips:

  • Use a tripod or support to keep the shooting perspective steady.
  • Set a manual white balance so the camera does not change from shot-to-shot.
  • Set a manual exposure to keep the camera from adapting to changing light.
  • Drag the shutter – use a longer shutter speed to blur the motion from shot-to-shot to prevent “blips” of new subjects entering the frame.

Aaaahhhh…keyboard remapping for a new Mac user

August 22, 2008

As someone who has recently started integrating a MacBook into his routine, Windows shortcut keys are so ingrained into my muscle memory that I could hardly do anything on the MacBook.  After using the standard keyboard mapping app (which I find to be a great OS feature) in Leopard to re-map my Cut/Copy/Paste commands over to Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, I found KeyFixer to remap my Home, End, Ctrl-Home, Ctrl-End, etc. shortcuts in (most) Mac apps.

I can now move my cursor around at will…all is good.