The FitBit!

January 8, 2012

I just picked up a couple of FitBit Ultra’s for our household adults (Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity/Sleep Tracker) and have been hooked over the weekend.  The FitBit is a lightweight clip that attaches to your waist (belt, pocket, etc.) that includes a 3D motion sensor, altimeter, and accelerometer to track your movements.  The FitBit turns these movements into tally-able events such as steps taken, floors climbed, miles walked, etc.  It has proven to be very accurate and is a blast to watch the stats compile.  Along with the tracker is a great web site – www.fitbit.com that hosts your stats and creates graphs and reports to show your usage.  Below is a snapshot of a piece of the FitBit dashboard for me today – there is much more information and the data can be displayed across time also.  You can use the FitBit site and companion iPhone app to log activities outside of normal walking such as workouts – you can also log your food and water intake as well so that your incoming calories are tracked.  Data from the FitBit gets uploaded to the cloud via a USB docking device – it occurs when the FitBit is docked (or even cooler when the FitBit is simply nearby and undocked).  It can also track your sleep patterns to record how long you slept, how many times you awoke during the night, etc.

I don’t see using FitBit as a total fitness plan, but it does a great job at capturing activity that makes up your daily routine.  Since your activities are being tracked, you are much more aware of your activity level and pushes you to extend your current activities to post some good counts for the day (take that walk, walk up those extra flights, etc).  They offer some bonus badges as your hit milestones (it already worked for me as I took a second walk to hit my steps milestone for the day).  You can read more about the details on their web site, but it’s a great little product that works as advertised.  Five stars.

An example of data in your FitBit dashboard




  1. You got one! Are you jogging now?

    • I got one based on your comment about it. No, definitely not jogging.

      • Impressive numbers. I just went for my first run today, I thought that was what the spike in activity was in your dashboard.

      • The spike was a 4 mile walk we did. I ended up the day with 13k steps, 44 floors, 7.1 miles, 1005 active score. That’s with another short walk – we end up doing a lot of stairs here…I was going for FitBit milestones.

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