Playing With Totally Rad Photoshop Actions

January 21, 2010

I’m playing with the Totally Rad Photoshop Actions and used quite a few on the image here.  I worked on the below image with the Totally Rad and TRA2 – The Revenge actions.


Hangin' with the grandparents

The recipe for this was the following:

  • Can-O-Whoopass (100% with layer masking hiding people)
  • Claire-ify (71% with layer making to lighten faces)
  • Yin-Yang (Yang 61% with layer masking to bring back some dark clothing)
  • Orange You Glad… (40% with layer masking to lessen red on faces)
  • Boutwell Magic Glasses (100% with layer masking to hide faces)
  • Rusty Cage (40% with layer masking to affect only background)
  • Pro Retouch (30% with layer masking to affect faces only) with Eye Bump (19%)
  • Slice Like A Ninja (100% with layer masking to affect only a few details – rings, glasses)
  • Prettyizer
  • Burn-Out

I’ll probably find the image too overcooked in the morning (upon smaller export it looks even more cooked — oh well), but it was an exercise to learn the different actions.  I’ve used the OnOne plugins, and they’re good as well, but I see how Actions are a more surgical solution as you have access to many of the steps that make up the action and you can adjust each step independently.  Using layer masks to apply the effect only where needed is key as well.  Overall, I’m impressed with the range of effects offered by the Totally Rad actions.


One comment

  1. Really makes photo pop!

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