What’s in my bag? Episode 2 – Kata Sensitivity V

September 23, 2008

This is a 7-minute video walk-through of the packing job I did for my next international trip using the Kata Sensitivity V Backpack. The backpack remains awesome and it’s carrying just about everything I need – I don’t know that I’d want to take more or go heavier anyway.  The bag ended up approximately 23lbs. in weight.  It could be made lighter with a Macbook Air, but you have to show some restraint :).  This is for an upcoming trip to Capetown, South Africa for touring and Botswana for safari.  My kit for the trip is listed below.  In the video I start with the backpack loaded and unload it an item at a time.




  1. Thanks for this. I’m interested in this bag but you now have me curious about the Elinchrom trigger. For $200, how would this be different from Canons transmitter?

    • good choice! where did you buy it? how much? i heard that it is chepaer to buy in hongkong. i just checked last week, and it retails in hk for P43,000 (at P41 rate). let me know if there are places chepaer than this.

  2. The Canon trigger is infrared, so you have to have line of sight with the flash. The Elinchrom’s will work at a great distance and through walls if required. Using the Canon trigger will allow you to use their ETTL metering system – with the Elinchrom you won’t have that ability and will have to set your exposure manually. I’ve found that for any scenarios where you’re setting up creative lighting, you’ll be working manually anyway. The only time I’d see myself using ETTL is when I need to be able to shoot very quickly.

    And yes, the Kata bag is great. I’m using it on a trip now and it’s been wonderful.

  3. Hi there, i had fun watching your review of the Kata Sensitivity backpack. I have a question: does it come with a rain cover, and if not, do you think it is sufficiently weatherproof (i.e., able to take on rainshowers)? Thanks!

  4. There’s no rain cover, but it is made out of neoprene, wet suit material. I wouldn’t worry too much about it getting a bit wet — not sure what would happen around the zippers in downpour, but I’d take my chances. I still love the bag – it’s been on a few trips now and has held up great.

  5. ey man! nice vid! I might get one tomorrow… wifey’s Christmas present… I just hope my Canon 40D and the 17-55mm lens will fit okay =)

  6. thank you for the reply… i was seriously considering getting this bag, but I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 and I doubt if it will fit inside the laptop compartment with its size… too bad I can’t try it on, I have to order online for all my photography needs…

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