What’s in my bag? Episode 1

September 1, 2008


My favorite backpack (now) is one geared towards the camera/laptop user — the Kata line is reportedly used by the Israeli military and offers great construction, bright yellow interior to make it easy to find items inside, some reconfigurable areas, and a durable neoprene exterior.  This post serves as a visual reminder of how I packed my Kata Sensitivity V Backpack for air travel on a short domestic trip.  I love the backpack and the amount of items it will hold.  The neoprene material is very durable and looks very sleek.

Items Packed:

Apple Macbook, Canon XSi D-SLR camera, Canon SD800 IS camera, 70-200mm lens, 24-105mm lens, 50mm lens, (2) Canon 580EX II flash units, earbuds with case, laptop power supply, extra battery, card reader, (2) reserve recharge batteries, memory card bank holding multiple SD memory cards, misc. accessories, USB cables.

Compared to:

I recently tried the larger Kata R-103 Digital Rucksack, and determined that I couldn’t fit any additional gear inside (perhaps less). The R-103 is a good bag, and provides additional padding and tripod carrying capability on the back, so it could be a decent choice if that’s what you’re looking for.

Other Views:

A video from photog Ron Brinkmann shows how he packed his Kata Sensitivity V for a trip.


First is a photo of the bag from above – click on the photo to go to Flickr to see the notes that describe each item in the backpack.  The backpack isn’t overstuffed with these items, but comfortably full.

Kata Sensitivity V packed

Kata Sensitivity V packed

The Macbook fits comfortably in the back of the Kata

The Macbook fits comfortably in the back of the Kata

The closed Kata backpack

The closed Kata backpack


End view

End view



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  2. I’m looking into this bag for my day to day business, but also to fit my nikon d90 + 18-200 lens on the weekends.

    Will the camera fit the lower compartment with the lens mounted? That’s really a deal-breaker for me as it would be very inconvenient to detach lens from body every time.

    If not. Is there any configuration where I could fit body with 200 lens mounted?

    The overall length of both together is about 17.5cm (6,88″).

    Thanks in advance for you help!

    • you have about 7″ (a little more if squeezed) in the lower compartment, so it seems your D90 + 19-200mm lens will fit just fine. Thanks for checking out the article.

  3. great! I’ll go get it then. Thanks a lot for your help and article: both really helpful.

  4. I too found out about this bag via Brinkmann’s video on TWIP and ordered on last night.

    Thanks for the review. I would like to see a photo of someone wearing your bag to give a sense of scale. A few others I’ve seen make it look fairly compact, which is what I’m after.

    I feel like Goldilocks, looking for a bag that’s just right, to hold a 5D (no battery pack), 24-105, 35/2, 50/1.4 and other misc items when out for the day on location.

    From what the Brinkmann video showed it’s possible to hold quite a bit, so I may be able to make this my primary bag to get everything from Point A to Point B and then use it in daily carry mode.

    I tried the Lowepro Slingshot 100, which would hold everything I need when out for the day, but I didn’t like the weight and pressure on the right shoulder. I want a something easy to carry all day. Shohoulder bags are out – carried them too many years. Fanny packs seems to hurt my back after a few hours.

  5. An update:

    My Kata bag arrived and it’s very nice. I put together a little video showing what I could stuff into it:


  6. Thanks for sharing! I do have a couple of questions:

    1. Do you have links to the battery reserves?
    2. How much did your bag way? My international flight to the Philippines has a 15lb limit for a carry on.

  7. hi,

    i was wondering if i could squeeze in a 14″ widescreen (13.5″ x 9.5″ x 1.5″ )laptop in the laptop compartment? thanks

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