Podcasts and online TV

June 8, 2005

Been checking out some new avenues for content distribution – good stuff happening…

Show Links:

The refugees from TechTV have been gathering weekly to create a Podcast called “This Week in Tech“. Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, Robert Heron, Yoshi DeHerrera, David Prager, Roger Chang, the great John C. Dvorak and other guests run a roundtable of the current tech topics. It’s nice hearing the old gang together again. Leo also does “The Laporte Report“.

What is a Podcast? Wikipedia Podcast entry…

On the video side, Kevin Rose has started a new show distributed on the Internet at systm.org. I think Kevin is still going to produce more episodes of his other show, “thebroken“.

Yoshi and Robert can also be found on another good show called “From The Shadows” – more hardcore geek stuff.

These shows are usually distributed by BitTorrent. Before visiting these sites, download and install Azureus (free, open-source BitTorrent client) and then you will be able to handle the .torrent seed files.


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