Saw Vinx at the Apache Cafe

June 6, 2005

Didn’t get a picture, but after we had dinner w/ Steve Saturday night, we went to the Apache Cafe downtown and saw Vinx. He put on a great show as he did when we saw him last year. Erin is a sport to go to the sidestreets of downtown Atlanta with me.

We first saw Vinx when he opened for Sting (does Sting really need the link?) on a couple of his tours and I was totally impressed and have kept up with him ever since. Interesting bio on his site – was an Olympic-level athlete (shut out in the ’80 boycott) and has made the rounds with some of the best in his musical career. Super guy in person as well.

He’s an amazing guy to watch and another one of the truly talented who’s ahead of the curve and should be at the top of the heap. Great voice and unique style – and not a bad percussionist of course. I most enjoy hearing him sing accompanied only by his daiko drum as he outlines the implied chord changes with his vocal melody. A complete package: songwriting, lyrics, performance.

At a few points of his live show, he uses a phrase sampler to layer and loop his vocal parts to build a groove that he sings over – very cool and creative…

As he said at his show, he’s got another CD to release but they’ve got to go through another 600 rappers first.


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