May 28, 2005

On the way back to the mainland, Erin was lamenting not seeing a dolphin. A few moments later, whitecaps appeared in the distance off the bow. It came closer. Then closer.

After a few seconds, you realize you were looking at hundreds of individual wakes produced by….dolphins! Attracted by the boat, they made their way over, literally swarming us. They love to swim in the wake of the boat much like they would do with a whale. Within a minute, there were literally hundreds of dolphins swimming full-speed under and around our boat, on top of each other.

For fifteen minutes our boat cirlced around with them as they swam and played. Looking around, there were dolphins surrounding in all directions as for nearly as far as you could see. Hundreds…thousands??? It was like nothing I’d ever seen before and very surreal to be in the middle of all of these creatures. Pictures can’t show what it was like, but here is one anyway.


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