"We’re all gonna be three little Fonzies – and what was Fonzie?"

May 18, 2005

Blogs can be useful – and save you money and aggravation.

Moments after reading Steve’s post raving about Neighbor’s Heating and Air, I called them up. They could come out the next day (as opposed to our once-contracted place Peachtree Service Experts, who could make it in about 21 days). I cancelled the appointment w/ PSE. Rick from Neighbor’s ran a full test, pumped us up w/ freon and I’m sitting in the cool. Even caught him outside hosing the units off to clean them. All done for a more than fair price. PSE tried to pressure me into getting a whole new unit last year as it could “die at any minute”, but I just had them fill it up and it lasted the whole season. Rick says we should get a few more years out of it. Apparently leaks like ours are common in our model of unit and ours isn’t actually too bad compared to others. Even found out that PSE had replaced the panels of the unit incorrectly – the vent of the attic unit was drawing in the attic air — not good. Maybe that’s a tactic…

Call Neighbor’s – good folks.

Since we’re working under a Tarantino quote, I saw he’s directing the season finale of “C.S.I.” on Thursday. If they’d only let him write it…

PS: One amusing item – the blogger spellcheck complains about the word “blogs”.


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